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Profile of CWS Danmark ApS

The history of CWS Danmark ApS dates back as far as 1864, when Conrad Wilhelm Schmidt started the paint & lacquer company CWS in Düsseldorf. Over the next 100 years, CWS worked exclusively with wet paint, before it seriously turned its focus to powder coating. In 1969 CWS started production of powder coating, becoming one of the pioneers in the powder industry.

A strong team at home and abroad

In Denmark, we are five employees working at the leading edge with the newest products and technologies in the field. We work closely with our development laboratories in Germany and the United States. CWS primarily supplies the Danish market and Danish companies abroad and their partners. We are one of the few powder suppliers with a considerable stock in Denmark. We have approx. 100 tons of powder coating in different grades at our storage facilities in Randers, Denmark.